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Learn how Miller Theater's marketing team of one uses Hive to stay competitive

The Challenge

Supporting a small team

Originally opened in 1940, the Miller Theater is a world-class entertainment venue in the heart of downtown Augusta. With a marketing team of one, Katie Brooks utilizes Hive to be efficient and strategic with all her marketing efforts.

Saving time with Hive

"One of the best things I have done as a Marketer in the past few years was switching over from Mailchimp to Hive. I knew on day one, the integration between Hive and Etix makes my job so much easier in every way - in every step of the marketing process", Katie shares.

Without access to ticketing data in their email marketing platform, Miller Theater was left in the dark when it came to understanding fans and attendees. With Hive's integration with Etix, Katie is now able to organize contacts with unique filters such as genre interest, purchase behavior, and past event attendance from Etix data. This strategy helps for personalized re-targeting, and with segments being automatically updated in the background, Katie has more time to focus on sending meaningful outreach.


"I cannot say enough about Hive, how much it has made my life easier, and how it seems like every day I’m finding a new useful feature or tool."

Katie Brooks

Marketing and Sales Manager @ Miller Theater
The Result

Powerful reporting for growth

The ability to track and measure KPIs is important for the Miller Theater team as they continue to grow. Hive reports and analytics provide Katie with metrics to share with her directors and management team outlining the revenue attributed to her marketing efforts, supporting the effectiveness of her email strategy.

Miller Theater continues to evolve their digital marketing and grow their brand within the Augusta community. By utilizing Hive's technology, Katie has seen success with contests to expand their contact list by 500+ fans, and has easily attributed over $77,000 in ticket revenue from email marketing.

“Any venue that is thinking about switching, they need to. I wish we would have done it sooner, and I wish when I started back in June 2021 I could have walked in and had Hive immediately at my fingertips." Katie shares.