turn your crm data into ticket sales

Fuel your marketing efforts with better precision and depth. Effortlessly bring together first-party data from different sources to unveil insights that fuel personalized campaigns and meaningful interactions.

build segments of your ticket buyers

Build more targeted campaigns that drive ticket sales. Use segmentation filters for demographics, purchase data, browsing behavior, and more to create event marketing campaigns with that VIP touch.

Take your marketing campaigns to the next level with the ability to:

Easily install tracking code on your website
Augment your targeting with an extra layer of data
Build segments based on what URL a fan visited
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see all your ticket buyers in one place

Get a complete picture of ticket buyer data. Connect with your favorite ticketing platform to easily build campaigns with insights into purchase history, communication preferences, demographic information, and more.

Connect to 12+ ticketing platforms
Import segments from sources like Mailchimp
See contact profiles detailing their history with your brand
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