Redefine event engagement with automated marketing

Set a new standard for customer experiences through the power of automated marketing solutions. Improve customer engagement by delivering messages that are not just timely, but also deeply personalized and relevant.

Make engaging with fans feel like second nature

Discover new avenues to connect with your fans. Choose from a range of pre-built templates and tailor them to perfection with just a few clicks — no tech wizardry required.

Types of automation templates:

  • DIY one from scratch
  • Welcome new subscribers
  • Send keyword SMS responses
  • Remind customers to complete ticket purchases
  • Re-engage inactive subscribers
  • Wish subscribers a happy birthday
  • Pre/post-event reminders

Chart ticket-selling communication paths

Make every message resonate while staying top of mind with the ability to visualize the different paths ticket buyers can take. Tailor experiences based on subscriber interactions, milestones, or wait times to send personalized emails and SMS that drive traffic and boost ticket sales.

  • Triggers: Set communication in motion based on certain actions your subscribers complete, such as filling out a form, buying a ticket, or event-related information.
  • Delays/wait times: Set intentional gaps between emails to strike a balance between staying top of mind without bombarding your fans with messages. 
  • Conditional splits: Tailor the communication journey based on subscriber actions. For example, if you send an email for a presale, you can send different follow-up emails for those who bought a ticket versus those who didn’t.

Drive cross-channel engagement

Deliver a holistic approach to customer communication into a single automation. Maximize reach, cater to diverse preferences, and enhance engagement when you’re supported by the ability to build both email and SMS with centralized automation.

  • Emails are the perfect choice if you have a lot of information to share or if it’s the first time you’re reaching out on a particular topic. 
  • SMS/MMS are the way to go if you’re sending a reminder or a time-sensitive message.