Grow your fanbase

Take control of your subscriber growth by effortlessly collecting the data you need. Curate personalized and relevant content with customizable forms that empower you to turn casual visitors into dedicated fans with ease.

Create a connected and valued audience

Build opportunities for engagement and build a community through the power of sign-up forms and landing pages. Customize your communication by gathering preferences through fillable forms, offering a tailored and targeted experience for each customer.

Types of sign-up forms available:

  • Select an image and customize text for a simple sign-up page hosted by Hive
  • Select form fields to generate code that you can copy and paste on your site

Types of landing pages available:

  • DIY one from scratch
  • Email capture, phone number capture, or a combination of both
  • Customize your subscribers’ preference center

Engage, impress, convert with dynamic pop-ups

Elevate engagement and leave a lasting impression with powerful pop-up and exit intent forms. Craft captivating pop-ups tailored to your brand, strategically appearing when and where you want them. Seamlessly add your form to your website with just a few clicks, making your mark across the digital landscape.

  • Grab attention: Highlight special offers, discounts, or gather quick information.
  • Encourage action: Prompt your customers to take a step further and engage with your brand.
  • Turn goodbyes into opportunities: Offer deals or gather feedback before your customers leave your website.