Presale Registration

Easily set up custom landing pages to collect fan registrations for early presale access

Grow your contact list

Use the Presale Registration feature to build out a custom landing page that lets fans sign up for early presale access, helping you grow your subscriber base. Not only will you be able to drive early ticket sales, but you’ll also create hype and better anticipate demand for your events.

Easily build a presale campaign

Building your presale campaign is easy:
1. Add your event details
2. Preview your landing page and tweak the design to your liking
3. We’ll create an automation for you and all you have to do is set it live!

Set it and forget it

The Presale Registration feature is designed to make sure you have less to worry about as you get closer to your event date. We’ll create three optimized email and SMS messages for your presale to ensure timely engagement.

Customer Spotlight

ASM Richmond generated over $500,000 in sales from email marketing in just 3 months on Hive.

Hive’s unique features for the event space opened a lot of doors for the marketing team at ASM Global - a venue management powerhouse in the world of live entertainment.

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