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Power your customer journey with email, SMS, and CRM, all in one.

And gain a team that cares about your growth, who'll be there to help craft and execute your omnichannel marketing strategy.
Illustration of a marketer using Hive.co's email marketing CRM
Illustration of a marketer using Hive.co's email marketing CRM
Sending 50 million+ emails a month for the world’s top brands
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Hive for Shopify

Streamline your marketing workflow and drive more revenue with email and SMS automations.

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Hive vs. Klaviyo

Get the advanced capabilities of Klaviyo without the headaches.

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Hive vs. Mailchimp

Get the simplicity of Mailchimp with the functionality of an advanced CRM.

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Gain real visibility into your list and optimize your omnichannel marketing to build data-driven customer journeys that drive revenue

Send smarter email and SMS

Hive gives you the visibility you need to understand your list and where subscribers are in their customer journey. From automating segments that help you target sends, to defining the best moments to engage customers for conversion, Hive helps you build stronger customer relationships that drive conversion long-term.
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Hive's email and SMS marketing dashboard
Hive's CRM product features and contact profile

Hive as a CRM

Actioning your customer data is a breeze with Hive. With all your data in one place, you can power email and SMS campaigns with customer characteristics that matter. You gain full transparency into your customer journey, comprehensive customer profiles, and data-driven segments that increase opens, clicks, and revenue.
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Guaranteed inbox placement

Spend less time worrying about emails landing in inboxes, and more time creating customer experiences that sell more. From automated custom domain warmup that keeps your sender reputation healthy from the get-go, to automated engagement levels that let you easily churn your list, Hive is built to help you achieve strong deliverability and guaranteed inbox placement long-term.
Hive's automated deliverability features →
Hive's automated deliverability features
Hive's customer success and responsive support team

Your team of marketing experts

You'll get your own dedicated Hive account manager who cares about the relationships you build with customers. Quick response times are a given, because we care about increasing your ROI from email and SMS marketing. Not sure what makes a good email newsletter? We've got you. Want help with your marketing strategy? Get advice you'd otherwise have to pay an agency for, all included because we care about growing your business.
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I run an online store and want to engage my customers better with targeted email and SMS automations.

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I own a venue or manage several artists and want to action fan data to sell more tickets and merch.

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I run marketing for an online publication and want to drive conversion with my email newsletter.

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