Collect fan data & sell directly to fans

We help artists and managers build, engage and monetize their fan base

How does Hive work?

Start by getting to know your fans

Capture fan data everywhere

  • Four ways to capture fan data
    • Tour listings
    • Music downloads
    • Contests & giveaways
    • Ticket sales
  • Data captured automatically (no extra effort for fans!)
  • Embeds for Wordpress, Facebook & your own site

Understand fan data without needing a PhD

Instant fanbase insights

  • View full fan list anytime - easy export to Excel
  • Gender, age range & demographic data
  • View fans on a map using city & location data
  • Listening history from Spotify, Rdio and Songza
  • Automatic "fan types" reporting
    • Big spenders - who spends the most per show?
    • Influencers - who's got the biggest social following?
    • Loyal Fans - who's coming to every show?

Use real insight to power your marketing

Targeted communication in 1 click

  • Target fans based on any insight segment (see above)
  • Send email, SMS, and social media marketing messages for free
  • Track engagement and conversions automatically

Sell more tickets, directly to your fans

Fully branded, social e-ticketing

  • Custom ticketing pages that look great on web & mobile
  • Baked in social features (boosts sales 10-15%)
  • Control ticket prices yourself, on the fly
  • Full access to sales & fan data
  • Collaborate with promoters & venues

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