Power Campaigns with your <span class="hero-callout">See Tickets Data</span>

Simplify your marketing with a platform custom-built for event marketers. Seamlessly integrate with your ticketing platform to put customer data at your fingertips, streamline your efforts, and segment with ease.

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segment your ticket buyers

Action event data such as genre, artist, and venue

Access ticket buyer information that matters most to you. Build high-impact campaigns with your event data directly in Hive to quickly deploy all your marketing campaigns, like automating know-before-you-go emails and launching text messages to your VIP customers for presale access.

Real-time data transfer

Get your ticketing data into Hive, instantly

Say goodbye to the painstaking task of CSV imports with Hive's See Tickets integration. Your attendees will automatically sync with Hive so you can see detailed data on each of your customers to send engaging email and SMS campaigns.


See Tickets data you can act on

Here is a list of what you can access with the See Tickets and Hive integration.

Event page
Event block
Real-time data transfer
Genre data
Connect multiple accounts
Artist data
Venue data
Ticket tier data
Timezone data
Abandoned cart
Historical purchase data
Location data


"Email and SMS is the strongest converter for music festival brands. Hive allows us to directly communicate with our fans without having to spend additional advertising dollars."

Eryk Puczek
CEO @ Friends of Friends Agency

"Hive gives us segmentation and automation power like never before. The data we’re able to report back to our staff and stakeholders is extremely valuable."

Brittany Griffith
Marketing Manager @ASM-Richmond

"I’ve worked with various other email and SMS platforms, and I strongly believe that Hive is the most robust and only platform truly built for event marketing professionals."

Carrie Goss
Director of Festival & Concert Marketing @ Rockhouse Partners

"I would definitely recommend it for marketers just due to the ticketing integration and how easy it is to create templates for campaigns."

Jenna Korus
Marketing Director @ DSP Shows

"I cannot say enough about Hive, how much it has made my life easier, and how it seems like every day I’m finding a new useful feature or tool."

Katie Brooks
Marketing and Sales Manager @ Miller Theater


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