Launch buzz-worthy contests

Encourage active participation, grow your subscriber list, and foster brand loyalty while creating shareable moments that generate hype for your events.

Spark interest and engagement

Leave a positive, long-lasting impression with your fans through contest marketing. As one of the most powerful and efficient marketing tools, a well-executed contest campaign can help you:

Build your list

  • Attract a broader audience and grow your subscriber list by drawing in regular ticket buyers and those interested in winning tickets or exclusive packages.
  • Leverage insights gathered from contests to uncover preferences, interests, and expectations to tailor future event promotions that will truly resonate with your fans.

Build hype around your event

  • Create a sense of exclusivity, generate FOMO, and drive more interest in your event.
  • Increase the chances of word-of-mouth promotion as contest winners become brand ambassadors.
  • Generate shareable content as subscribers share their excitement on social media and create promotion for your event.

Keep fans coming back for more

Turn one-time visitors into deep-rooted connections. Run contests equipped with Facebook pixel tracking and re-marketing abilities so you can gently nudge potential customers toward ongoing engagement.

Facebook pixel tracking allows you to:

  • Observe engagement: See if subscribers enter a contest, check out the details, or leave without taking any action.
  • Run reminder ads: If someone checks out your contest but doesn't enter, you can use the pixel ID to show them ads later on Facebook.
  • Build a brand connection: By reminding people about your contest or products, you stay on their radar and increase the chances of building a lasting relationship.