Work faster with a real-time data connection
Leverage first-party data with event filters
Measure ticket sales to show your impact


Action your ticketing data

Dive deep into the heart of your audience with our CRM. Unlock detailed customer profiles and segment your audience based on purchase behavior—all for more targeted campaigns that drive ticket sales.

Integrate your sources

Consolidate all ticket buyer data in one place to get a unified view of purchase history, communication preferences, and demographic information so you can easily build campaigns right in Hive.

Connect to 12+ ticketing platforms
Import segments from sources like Mailchimp
See contact profiles detailing their history with your brand

Grow your list

Let your email list build itself by capturing fan sign-ups directly through customizable web forms and pages, giving new subscribers an effortless experience.

Sign-up forms
Presale registration and landing pages

Send to Meta

Integrate with Meta’s advertising platform to build custom audiences on Facebook based on email subscriber data, then target and engage subscribers with specific ads.

Send custom segments to Facebook
Set up to update regularly
Build ads to retarget past ticket buyers


Track user behavior across your website, see which URLs they visit, and use this data to take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

Easily install tracking codes on your website
Build segments based on what URL a fan visited
Augment your targeting with an extra layer of data

launch campaigns

Event marketing on autopilot

Improve customer engagement by delivering messages that are not just timely but deeply personalized and relevant.

Engage through email and SMS
Chart ticket-selling communication paths
Drive cross-channel engagement
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Email marketing

Drive more attendees from their inbox to the front row by creating FOMO-inducing emails in a matter of minutes.

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SMS marketing

Meet your customers where they’re at by delivering instant, personalized messages straight to their phones. 

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Solve the ROI puzzle

Make more informed decisions with data-driven reporting, turn your data into revenue-generating strategies, and measure ticket sales. No guesswork. No busywork.

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Account level metrics
Campaign level metrics
Ticketing revenue attribution
Subscriber growth metrics
Engagement metrics
Email and SMS performance


Grow your fanbase

Collect the data you need to curate personalized and relevant content with customizable forms to turn casual visitors into dedicated fans.


Event marketers like you have generated more than $600 million in ticket sales using Hive.

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"I cannot say enough about Hive, how much it has made my life easier, and how it seems like every day I’m finding a new useful feature or tool."
Katie Brooks
Marketing and Sales Manager @ Miller Theater
"I would definitely recommend it for marketers just due to the ticketing integration and how easy it is to create templates for campaigns."
Jenna Korus
Marketing Director @ DSP Shows
"I’ve worked with various other email and SMS platforms, and I strongly believe that Hive is the most robust and only platform truly built for event marketing professionals."
Carrie Goss
Director of Festival & Concert Marketing @ Rockhouse Partners