Stand out from the crowd with SMS marketing

Get your event marketing instantly noticed. Tap into a cost-effective channel that promises unmatched results, connecting you directly with fans and driving your events to sell out faster than ever before.

Engage with fans using text messages

Add SMS to your strategy for better results

Build stronger connections and increase your brand visibility. Engage with your fans through different channels, all while ensuring a smooth and cohesive customer experience. By combining email and SMS for a multi-channel approach, you can:

Reach your fans through various touchpoints, enhancing the likelihood of engagement
Send more personalized messages that resonate with subscriber preferences and behaviors
Gain deeper data insights to enhance campaign performance and conversion rates
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Get instantly noticed

SMS marketing has a 98% open rate

Ensure your messages reach your fans no matter where they are. With high open rates and quick delivery, SMS marketing cuts through the noise to enhance the overall event experience for attendees.

Ticket confirmation
Know before you go
Schedule changes
VIP access information
Venue directions
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