Solve the ROI puzzle

Transform your event marketing with data-driven reporting. Say goodbye to guesswork, make informed decisions at a glance, and turn your data into engagement and revenue-generating strategies.

Craft success at every data point

Dive deep into the heart of your strategy with macro and micro insights. Gain a holistic understanding from an account overview level, or zoom in to fine-tune performance on a campaign level. With both perspectives in your toolkit, you can chart a course for new heights in your success.

Account level metrics:

  • Total revenue from email, SMS, and Hive
  • Email performance
  • Deliverability
  • Subscriber growth and engagement levels

Campaign level metrics:

  • Engagement statistics
  • Ticketing revenue statistics
  • Recipient demographics
  • Top recipient countries and cities

Connect the revenue attribution dots

Measure the impact and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Refine your strategy for maximum impact with the ability to calculate ROI, optimize personalization, and analyze the direct connection between your marketing and revenue generation.

Ticketing revenue breakdown — see what events were purchased from:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Automations

revolutionize your reach

Expand your subscriber base and maintain a healthy email marketing strategy. Dive into insights that allow you to gauge subscriber interest, email deliverability, and campaign success, ultimately enabling you to build lasting relationships with your subscribers for sustained engagement and growth.

Subscriber growth and engagement metrics:

  • Weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom date ranges
  • Total number of subscribers, new, and unsubscribed
  • Engagement levels based on how people interact with your emails