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Vibra Urbana Miami drove $13,500 in ticket sales from their first ever SMS campaign

The Challenge

Last minute ticket sales

Friends of Friends agency helped Vibra Urbana, a premier latin music festival with over 90,000 attendees, sell more tickets by leveraging SMS in their existing marketing strategy to engage fans and sell more tickets.

Last Minute Reminder SMS

The Friends of Friends team helped Vibra Urbana instill a sense of urgency to drive last minute ticket sales by sending a simple SMS message reminding fans that tickets are selling out and to grab theirs.

By targeting the reminder to subscribers who hadn’t yet purchased tickets, the Friends of Friends team could engage fans without the worry of an email getting lost in inbox, or fans missing the time sensitive reminder.


"Email and SMS is the strongest converter for music festival brands. Hive allows us to directly communicate with our fans without having to spend additional advertising dollars."

Eryk Puczek

CEO @ Friends of Friends Agency
The Result

The power of email & SMS

Through email and SMS, Eryk and his team at Friends of Friends have tapped into a marketing strategy proven to sell out events - and it’s all about nurturing relationships with fans and creating a community they can be a part of. Eryk adds, "Being able to directly communicate with your fans without having to spend additional advertising dollars is a powerful marketing strategy for brands with limited budgets."

With email and SMS having their own unique set of benefits, the team has found the most success when both methods of communication are used to compliment one another. Lineup announcements, upgrade offers and post-show surveys will be sent via email while SMS supports time-sensitive reminders and helps convert fans that aren’t engaged by emails.