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Hive Resources


Whether you're here to brush up on your email marketing skills or are looking to learn how Hive can help power your email strategy, these resources include everything you need to become an email marketing pro.

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Hive Email Marketing Guides

Level up your email marketing strategy with these guides on everything from email segmentation best practices to the secrets of email deliverability. The email marketing experts at Hive have packed them full of tips and insights to strengthen your overall email performance.

Hive's ultimate guide to email marketingHive's ultimate guide to email deliverabilityHive's ultimate guide to email segmentationHive's ultimate guide to email automationsHive's ultimate guide to email automations for event marketersHive's ultimate email campaign pre-send checklistHive's BFCM playbook to drive conversionHive's Christmas Pre-Send Checklist

Did you know?

We have video tutorials and product walk-throughs sharing everything you need to know to get the most out of Hive. Power your email marketing with our product tips, and easily become a Hive pro in no time.

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