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Whether you're here to brush up on your email marketing skills or are looking to learn how Hive can help power your email strategy, these resources include everything you need to become an email marketing pro.

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Hive's ultimate guide to email marketing

Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

This isn't your average email marketing 101 guide. It’s a playbook of best practises we’ve learned from being in the email industry for the past 3 years, and it’s everything we think you need to know to be an effective email marketer.

Hive's ultimate guide to email deliverability

Ultimate Guide to Email Deliverability

Deliverability can make or break your email strategy - it dictates whether or not your customers see your emails. In this guide, we’re diving deeper to give you the full breakdown on email deliverability, and how you can ensure emails hit inboxes long term.

Hive's ultimate guide to email segmentation

Ultimate Guide to Segmentation

Segmentation is your email marketing strategy’s secret weapon. Deeper insight into customers and subscribers, increased personalization, and advanced targeting - in this guide we break down everything you need to confidently take your email segmentation strategy to the next level.

Hive's ultimate email campaign pre-send checklist

Ultimate Email Campaign Pre-Send Checklist

This checklist will help you check off all the pieces that make an email campaign successful and cover larger behind the scenes strategy for you, including tasks that improve your overall deliverability.

Hive's ultimate guide to email automations for event marketers cover

Ultimate Guide to Email Automations for Event Marketers

Email automations are a powerful way to bring in more ticketing revenue and boost the performance of your other campaigns. This guide breaks down the three foundational automations you need to set up, from welcome to winback.

Hive Features for Event Organizers Cover Page

Hive Features for Event Organizers

A comprehensive list of Hive features specific for event organizers, from the automated event content block in the email template editor, to a searchable events page that lets you action ticketing data.

Hive Features for Ecommerce Cover Page

Hive Features for Ecommerce Brands

A comprehensive list of Hive features specific for ecommerce brands, from browse abandonment email automations to drag and drop recommended product blocks in the email template editor.


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