Built to make your marketing easier,
with data-driven CRM insights.

Experience the power of your data, with a CRM and marketing platform all-in-one.

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Everything you need to engage your customers, and more.

Hive makes email and SMS marketing easier with features built to maximize your opens and clicks. From automations optimized for customer engagement to thousands of CRM filters that action your data, start driving meaningful growth.

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Email Flows
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The best of both Klaviyo & Mailchimp, without the stress.

Send personalized emails that land in inboxes, then get real-time performance feedback. Hive puts your data to work with live segmentation so you can easily target campaigns, and keeps customer insights front and center.

Seriously, you get the advanced capabilities of Klaviyo with the ease of Mailchimp. And dedicated support that actually cares.

All the email and SMS features you need.

From simple campaigns to advanced automations, get all the email and SMS features you need to keep your customers engaged. Plus, seamlessly grow your list with contests, signup forms, and landing pages.

Beyond features like a drag and drop template editor and automations builder, get features built to streamline your workflow.

Experience the power of your customer data.

Hive is the only ESP with full CRM functionality, giving you unparalleled ability to action your data to drive revenue. Imagine full visibility into your business, top customer cohorts, and insights into highest ROI marketing campaigns.

Ready to be blown away by the untapped insights in the customer data you already have?

Automate the hassle out of your workflow.

From email and SMS automations to built-in features optimizing your sender reputation and deliverability, Hive helps you automate your marketing strategy so you can scale your growth and impact.

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80MM+ global monthly active users engage with the brands they love, thanks to the power of Hive