Zapier Integration

Connections to maximize your workflow

Use the Zapier & Hive integration to connect with over 2,000+ other apps. Automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

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Engage customers with email and SMS

With Hive's Zapier integration, connect to thousands of apps on Zapier, add contacts to Hive from any trigger in Zapier, and create email automations for Zapier triggers (welcome series, etc).

“The Hive team truly cares about helping us succeed with email marketing. Our contact Jake has promptly and thoughtfully responded to any and all of our questions. Definitely recommend!”

Sarah Gaeta, Marketing Strategist @Welo

Learn and grow with Hive

Access guides and webinars to inspire your next marketing campaign.


Built for Event Marketers

Create revenue-generating campaigns built on your ticketing data, helping you make every event a sell-out.

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Hive vs. Mailchimp

Don't let Mailchimp hold you back - own your data with Hive's integrations and built-in event features.

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Hive Lounge

Access the #1 learning community for event marketers. Learn better email and SMS marketing strategies from our expert team.



Hive seamlessly syncs with various platforms, enabling you to enrich your list and build data-driven marketing flows that engage customers meaningfully.