Power your campaigns in <span class="hero-callout">Facebook</span>

Simplify your marketing with a platform custom-built for event marketers. Seamlessly integrate with various tools to put customer data at your fingertips, streamline your efforts, and segment with ease.

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easy advertising

Save time, extend your reach, and create engaging campaigns.

Streamline your advertising efforts with Hive's Facebook integration. Send the audiences you create in Hive to build and launch impactful Facebook ad campaigns.

identify opportunities

Ensure a cohesive marketing strategy

Hive's Facebook integration allows you to gain valuable data and insights into how your campaigns are performing across channels, so you can identify what is working best and optimize your future efforts.


Facebook data you can act on

Here is a list of what you can access with the Facebook and Hive integration.

One-time setup
Real-time data transfer


"Email and SMS is the strongest converter for music festival brands. Hive allows us to directly communicate with our fans without having to spend additional advertising dollars."

Eryk Puczek
CEO @ Friends of Friends Agency


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