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ASM Richmond generated over $500,000 in sales from email marketing in just 3 months on Hive

The Challenge

Making the switch to Hive

ASM Global is a venue management powerhouse and innovator in the world of live entertainment venues. Their team in Richmond, Virginia made the switch from Mailchimp to Hive and saw significant growth in just 3 months.

Choosing Hive over Mailchimp

The marketing team at ASM-Richmond transitioned from Mailchimp to Hive in early 2022. Hive’s integration with their ticketing system, Etix, was a major driving factor in this decision. Marketing Manager Brittany Griffith shared her experience, “For us, Hive has opened a lot of doors that we haven't had through Etix alone. Our transition has been extremely impactful. Not only the type of data we can be giving our own clients, but also what we can share amongst our staff.


“The integration Hive allows us into our ticketing system gives us segmentation and automation power like never before. And the data we are able to report back to our staff and stakeholders is extremely valuable."

Brittany Griffith

Marketing Manager @ASM-Richmond
The Result

Saving time with ticketing data

Hive’s unique features for the event space such as ticket integrations, reporting and analytics, live segments, and automations have been extremely helpful to the team. Brittany adds, “Fans are purchasing tickets anytime, any day up until a show begins. I’m not spending time updating lists when we have to send out a last minute message. I don’t have to update a static segment like I would of had to do in Mailchimp without the Etix integration."

Just after 3 months with Hive, the venue made over $500,000 in sales linked to email marketing. A first for their organization as these insights were not easily accessible for the marketing staff with other tools like Mailchimp.