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 The 6 essential SMS automations for event marketers
SMS Marketing

The 6 essential SMS automations for event marketers

It's almost unfair how adding automations to your SMS marketing strategy will save you time while rewarding you with huge returns.

Shweta Prabhulkar
July 23, 2024
3 min read

As an event marketer, you wear multiple hats daily and need more time. Strategies you can set and forget will help you get some time back to focus on other tasks on your to-do list. And that’s the beauty of automations.

Not only are SMS automations great for targeting fans spending most of their time browsing on their phones, but you’re more likely to get a conversion because of how relevant and timely they are. The best part? You can set up these automations in 5 minutes, walk away, and let them work their magic hands-free. Let’s dive in!

The welcome message

Over 74% of customers expect a welcome as soon as they sign up for your list—this goes for email and SMS alike. This best practice is a must for any company asking their audience to sign up or subscribe. Roll out the red carpet for new subscribers by sending them an automated and personalized welcome text that instantly confirms their inclusion in the list. Sweeten the deal with a promo code to drive sales right away.

The birthday message

Wishing your customers well on their birthday is a golden opportunity to make them feel extra special. Picture this: an automated yet personalized text message swooshes into their inbox, creating that bond that lasts beyond the candles on the cake. But we’re not stopping there! Let’s sprinkle some extra magic by including an exclusive promo code offering them a discount on your next event or even a free drink.

The abandoned cart message

Over 70% of fans who add tickets to their cart don’t finish checking out. Without  abandoned cart automation, that’s a lot of potential revenue left on the table—$4 trillion worth of products are in abandoned carts each year, but $260 billion of that is recoverable.

Recover revenue with a cart reminder SMS sent to subscribers who added tickets or merch to their cart but didn’t complete a purchase.

The new customer thank you message

Thank subscribers who’ve just made their first-ever ticket purchase with a promo code to show your appreciation. This isn’t just about expressing gratitude; it’s a masterstroke for building unbreakable brand loyalty and boosting customer retention.

The auto-response message

Set up a keyword SMS auto-response automation. What’s that? You can prompt your fans to send you a text with whatever word you choose, like “VIP,” “Rihanna,” or “Vortex,” and then set up an automation that automatically adds them to your contact list. Using a keyword strategy like this allows you to promote your SMS list on different areas of your website or even with signage at your events.

The reminder message 

Managing your attendee engagement and retention can be stressful, we get it! With automated text messages, sending those pre-event reminders, in-moment updates, and post-event follow-ups is going to be a breeze. No need to strain those thumbs anymore. While your customers still stay in the loop, you can focus on nailing every other detail of your event.

Wrap Up

Automating your marketing communication with customers is necessary in today’s digital age. From welcoming new subscribers with a confirmation message and discount code to sending birthday wishes and cart reminders, automation saves time and effort while boosting ticketing revenue. And a bonus to this? You’ll also help increase loyalty and engagement with your customers. Happy texting!