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AXS integration update: Ticket orders now capture re-sold and transferred tickets
Product Update

AXS integration update: Ticket orders now capture re-sold and transferred tickets

Capture all re-sold or transferred ticketing orders in your Hive account with the most recent AXS integration update.

Jaime Fletcher
May 17, 2024
2 min read

Previously, in your Hive account, we couldn’t capture the movement of tickets re-sold by an original buyer or tickets transferred to a friend. For example, this meant that if Kaycie sold her ticket for Taylor Swift to Joanne in Hive, that ticket purchase still appeared under Kaycie’s profile and wouldn’t appear under Joanne’s profile. This created some discrepancies in your data. The previous workaround was to import these new subscribers from a CSV, which required manual work and was prone to errors.

To fix this, we improved our integration with AXS. Your AXS integration will now update ticketing orders to reflect any re-sold or transferred tickets. In the previous example of Kaycie and Joanne, after Kaycie sells her Taylor Swift ticket, the ticket and original ticket price will be removed from Kaycie’s profile. Joanne’s profile will update to include that new ticket and ticket amount.

Here are some ways you’ll see an immediate impact:

Ticket-holder event communications:
  • Contact the true ticket-holder with pre- and post-show messages so you target the right person with their know-before-you-go email.
Build more accurate and complete segments:
  • Applying any “ticket purchase” filter like spend amount, venue, artist, or genre will accurately reflect the subscribers holding the ticket, including re-sold and transferred tickets.
  • A new subscriber will be added to your contact list if one doesn’t exist for that contact already. So you’ll have more folks to contact for future shows.

And the best news? This feature is already enabled on your account for all ticket orders from now on—so no action is needed on your part!