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Announcing Hive MMS: The first messaging product built for event marketers
Product Update

Announcing Hive MMS: The first messaging product built for event marketers

We're excited to announce the launch of Hive MMS, as well as our Automated SMS/MMS Builder designed for event marketers.

Cynthia Dam
May 3, 2023
2 min read

Hive is excited to announce the launch of MMS, the latest addition to our suite of messaging products built uniquely for event marketers. With Hive MMS, you can send images or GIFs in your text messages to engage fans even better than traditional SMS text messages. Plus, a streamlined workflow that automatically pulls in your event data, helping you set up MMS campaigns in seconds. 

Automated SMS/MMS Builder

With Hive’s new SMS and MMS messaging builder, you can auto-sync event details right into your text message. Simply select from your upcoming events and the builder will populate the event image, time, and description for you. No more scrambling for the approved image or final event copy. 

Drive 251X ROI with MMS Event Marketing

With a 45% click rate and 29% conversion rate, text message marketing continues to be the highest ROI channel for event marketers. And with MMS campaigns achieving 15–20% more engagement than SMS campaigns, it’s a proven fact that including an image or GIF in your texts boosts conversion even more.

The world’s best event brands have started relying on text message marketing to drive list growth, audience engagement, and maximize presale signups. What are you waiting for? 

What’s next? 

Our team is always focused on building the best marketing product in the events industry. So far, we’ve built out the infrastructure and tooling needed to streamline event marketing workflows by having all your data sync into Hive. As your one source of truth, Hive’s CRM gives you the most transparent view of how your audience engages with your brand. 

We’re continuing to work on features that help you action your audience data, so you can tailor automated messaging at each stage of your customer lifecycle.