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Hive partners with VenuePilot to empower independent venues

Hive partners with VenuePilot to empower independent venues

We are excited to announce that Hive now integrates with VenuePilot to streamline your operations and marketing workflow.

Julia Battistone
July 23, 2024
3 min read

We’re excited to announce that Hive now integrates with VenuePilot, a free-to-use streamlined booking calendar, website plugin, event management and low-cost ticketing platform. Through this integration, VenuePilot users can sync event attendees directly into Hive and access detailed customer profiles with ticket purchases and website activity to fuel their marketing strategy. 

Work Smarter with Hive x VenuePilot

With Hive and VenuePilot in your toolkit, independent venues can centralize their workflow and save time with unique product features like template creation and advanced user segmentation. Both platforms were designed to support the needs of event marketers and management teams to help you own your data and make smarter decisions.

Custom Templates

Creating custom templates to use for future events can be found in both Hive and VenuePilot to help your team save time and reduce repetitive setup tasks. With Hive, you can create customized templates for email designs, sign-up forms, automations, and landing pages that can be duplicated for every upcoming campaign. 

As you build out your hold and offer in VenuePilot, details such as cost of venue, hospitality, staffing, and projected liquor costs can all be saved as a template along with ticketing information. Brendan Mulvihill, Head of Operations at VenuePilot explains, "After you’ve built quite a few shows on VenuePilot and you understand the dynamics of each individual event, you can save them as templates and recall them in one click. Building a show becomes as easy as selecting a template and having the announce module automatically publish to your website."

Advanced Segmentation

By syncing data from VenuePilot, users can take advantage of Hive’s CRM capabilities and advanced data filters to organize contacts based on genre interests, demographics, location, and ticket purchase history. With the ability to create unlimited segments, marketers can target groups of fans and send relevant email and SMS messages that resonate for better engagement.

Hive Unlimited Segments

Better Insights and Reporting

VenuePilot’s artist module provides valuable insights to users as they prepare to book a show into their calendar. Powered by Last FM, Spotify, and Muzooka, VenuePilot’s database gives access to artist data such as music downloads, follower count, tour information, and if the artist has played your venue before, with historical performance and statistics.

VenuePilot's Event Management Platform

About VenuePilot

Justin Kantor, Founder and CEO of VenuePilot has developed the platform to enable independent venues to stay nimble and collaborative while utilizing flexible, low-cost ticketing terms. With a full calendar and budget application, website integration, and no-commitment ticketing, VenuePilot is giving their users more control over their operations and revenue. “Ticketing companies should be working on behalf of their clients as opposed to locking them into exclusive deals.” Brendan adds. “Our clients are on their own merchant account from day one, transacting directly through Stripe to give them more leverage and liquidity.

Have further questions about the Hive and VenuePilot partnership? Book a personalized demo or reach out at hello@hive.co