the right audiences

Turn generic messages into customized experiences. Make each subscriber feel like a VIP by diving deep into the art of segmentation without the hard work.

30+ Filters to choose from, including:


purchase history





contest entries

website behavior

form filLs



creative freedom

meets effortless email design

Create eye-catching emails faster than you can say ‘sold out.’ Complete with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop email builder, you can mix and match elements to create emails that truly reflect your brand and vision in no time.

Instantly populate event details

The ability to integrate with your ticketing platform means you can populate event details, like artist, date, time, and even a purchase URL, at the click of a button.

Use automated content to add a personal touch

Create engagement, build relationships, and drive conversions with messaging that’s specific to each recipient.

Easily maintain brand consistency

Save repeatable design elements rather than having to create from scratch every time.

Bring your campaigns to life with AI

Tap into a well of creative fuel to craft copy and images that will resonate with your audience.