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 6 ways to grow your SMS list
SMS Marketing

6 ways to grow your SMS list

SMS campaigns have a higher conversion rate than emails, bringing in more revenue per message. Here's a few ways you can build out your SMS list to make sure you're hitting the right audience.

Shweta Prabhulkar
July 23, 2024
3 min read

SMS is a powerful channel for reaching subscribers without battling a crowded email inbox. With most phones sending a push notification for new text messages, it’s no surprise that 90% of recipients will open a given text message. According to our data on the event space, SMS campaigns have a 7 times higher conversion rate compared to email and bring in 6.5 times more revenue per message sent compared to email.

Text message marketing is a bandwagon you’ll want to hop onto. To get started, you’ll need to build a list of contacts with phone numbers who have opted into receiving SMS from you. We’re so used to collecting email addresses; however, collecting phone numbers can be new territory for many of us. But have no fear; we’ve got a few ideas on how to up your collection game!

Secure phone numbers and consent at checkout 

Seize the moment! Collecting a phone number and marketing consent while someone is buying a ticket is the gold standard. Design your event’s checkout process in such a way that it allows you to collect the attendee’s phone number and consent. Make sure to highlight the value and benefit of receiving the SMS opt-in, such as exclusive event updates, schedule changes, special offers, and more! Keep the copy for these fields concise and user-friendly, and watch your subscriber list grow. 

Level up your existing signup forms

It’s time for a quick audit! Take a moment to give your existing signup forms a quick makeover. Adding a phone number field will go a long way to help you effortlessly capture your attendee’s mobile numbers along with their email address. But wait, there’s more; we must also take care of compliance. Include a quick checkbox and terms to make sure you have explicit consent to send those promotional messages. 

Create a pop-up signup form

Introducing the pop-up signup form! They work like magic when your visitors explore your event website or prepare to bid farewell (aptly known as the exit intent signup form). Offer an incentive (a discount on their next purchase) in exchange for their phone number and consent, and you’ll watch your hesitant visitors turn into eager SMS subscribers. 

Leverage your event presale

Set up a landing page where your audience can subscribe to be notified by text when the presale begins. This is an excellent way of dialing up their excitement by offering exclusive early access to book tickets for their favorite show. We all love to be treated like VIPs, don’t we?

Run a contest

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Contests have long been a tactic to engage customers. You can build a landing page with all the contest information and then embed a signup form to collect those phone numbers. Whether it’s VIP tickets or limited edition merch, give your audience a chance to win sought-after goodies by signing up with SMS.

Have subscribers text you

Set up a keyword SMS auto-response automation. What’s that? You can prompt your fans to send you a text with whatever word you choose, like “VIP,” “Rihanna,” or “Vortex,” and then set up an automation to add them to your contact list automatically. Using a keyword strategy like this allows you to promote your SMS list on different areas of your website or even with signage at your events.

Important things to keep in mind when growing your SMS list

• The powerful duo: email and SMS

In Hive, when you integrate your ticketing platform data, we can accurately track the revenue generated through your SMS campaigns. But here’s the secret mantra: make sure you collect your audience's email and phone numbers simultaneously. Why? Because when these two mighty forces come together, we can track the impact of your SMS campaigns and attribute revenue for you. So don’t settle for half the story and track just clicks; revenue is a key indicator of your campaign performance. 

• Seal the deal with consent

When it comes to SMS marketing, obtaining permission from your users to send SMS messages is a whole new ballgame compared to email consent. We are talking about “explicit consent” per regulations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. But don’t worry, we’ve got a winning move for you: include a checkbox for your subscribers on your website landing page, pop-up forms, social media campaigns, and email newsletters.

Wrap Up

Growing your SMS subscriber list can significantly amplify your event marketing efforts, giving you that direct line of communication with your audience. By implementing these strategies, you will be well on your way to building up that SMS subscriber list.