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11 types of SMS marketing campaigns for event promoters
SMS Marketing

11 types of SMS marketing campaigns for event promoters

Looking to connect with your fans in a more direct way? SMS campaigns are the answer! Discover how you can generate ticketing revenue, onsite sales, and keep fans happy with just a few simple strategies.

Kait Huziak
May 17, 2024

Text messaging has been around for ages, but many event promoters are just starting to see its potential. And it's no wonder promoters are jumping on the SMS bandwagon. It’s the quickest and most direct way to connect with fans.

By leveraging SMS, promoters can tap into the high open rates and responsiveness of texts to drive ticket sales, maximize revenue potential, and keep fans happy. 

Whether you’re new to the SMS marketing game or you’re an early adopter looking to amplify your efforts, let’s dive into some strategies that are destined to be a win-win for you and your fans.

1. Campaigns to generate ticketing revenue

Presale announcement

Give your fans a chance to grab tickets before they're gone. Send a text to a segmented group of fans with a special link for exclusive presale opportunities. While you can offer presale tickets through an SMS campaign for any show, they work best for those must-see acts that sell out fast.

Follow-up to email subscribers who didn’t buy tickets

After sending out an email to promote a show, try reaching out to fans who opened the email but didn’t buy tickets. Since text messages get noticed right away, your message can serve as a friendly reminder to nudge them toward a purchase.

Ticket sales announcement

Need to spread the word about an on-sale date for the general public? It’s all about timing. To generate the most success, have your message go out three to five days beforehand. And if you want to take this a step further, consider sending out an additional text 30 minutes before tickets go on sale.

Last-minute sales

Drum up some last-minute ticket sales using location-based segmentation. Set up a segment for fans who live within a 20-mile radius of the show since they’ll be the most likely to buy a last-minute ticket.

Invitations to upgrade tickets

Lean into the power of suggestion with fans who’ve already bought tickets. Target ticket holders with offers to upgrade their tickets. Think VIP passes or premium parking. These campaigns are a great way to enhance fan experiences while tapping into additional revenue potential.

2. Campaigns to generate revenue from onsite sales

Promote food purchases

Will your show have an onsite kitchen or snacks for purchase? Let your fans know! Whether attendees can partake in dinner and a show or satisfy their cravings with a treat or two, using SMS to promote food purchases is an easy way to improve the fan experience while getting them to buy more.

Branded merchandise

Merch is a favorite way for fans to show they experienced the moment. Send a text to fans to get them excited about the branded gear they can snag at your show. You’ll be more likely to increase merch sales while helping create a world that your fans want to be part of.

After-party or partner venues

Let attendees know about after-parties or partner venues where they can keep the fun going. This campaign type gives fans a chance to hang out more while bringing in extra revenue.

3.  Campaigns to support customer service communications

Purchase confirmation

Give your fans peace of mind. Once they buy tickets, send an SMS message to confirm their purchase and include important info like ticket details and event logistics.

Know before you go (KBYG) details

While your show doesn’t start until doors open, the fan experience begins well before then. Sending out a text with important KBYG information can help set expectations and enhance the fan experience. From venue maps to lineup details and important reminders, sending a KBYG text can go a long way in pre-show messaging and engagement.

Updates on important changes

Text message marketing is favored for its immediacy and direct line of contact with fans. This is why it’s a perfect channel to keep ticket holders in the loop about any last-minute changes, like weather alerts or changes in opening times. 

The standard SMS throughput is 100 messages per second. For large-scale events, like festivals, a higher throughput can always be purchased to ensure more attendees receive urgent information in a timely fashion.

Wrap up

SMS marketing can help you reach your target audience, increase engagement, and generate more revenue. By marketing to your fans where they’re most active, you have a better chance of keeping their attention.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of SMS strategies. Some fans may prefer discounts or deals, while others may be looking for customer service support through order confirmation or event updates. By incorporating SMS messages into your overall marketing efforts, you can further refine and define your event promotion strategy.