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Grow your email list, smarter & faster.

Collect audience data and design more effective email campaigns with Hive.

Capture Audience Data

Collecting audience data doesn't have to suck. Our campaigns are easy to setup, and even easier to enter.

  • Contests
    Let your fans win prizes
    and spread the love as they do.
  • Polls
    Give your audience a voice.
  • Signup Widgets
    From simple newsletter signups to event pre-sales.
  • Downloads
    Make files available for download: music, images, you name it.
  • Smart Links
    See who is clicking your links.

You'll be in great company

Manage Your Data

You need more than contact data to understand your customers. Add social, purchasing and behavioral data to the mix.

  • Rich Profiles
    Emails, locations, social handles, interests, and much more.
  • Powerful Segmenting
    Women in New York. Men that like fishing. Contacts that engage on Instagram. Create segments around hundreds of variables.
  • Integrations
    All of your data in one place. Connect stores, email lists, and more.
  • Audience Reports
    Get a bird's eye view of your audience data.

Connect With Your Audience

Use our tools and integrations to talk directly with your audience.
Bypass the middle-man.

Social Insights at Your Fingertips

Get to know the people engaging with your social pages, and turn them into customers.

Plans & Pricing

Free 7 day trial. No credit card required!

  • Unlimited capture campaigns
  • Basic audience segmenting
  • Email campaigns + integrations
  • Follower Count Stats
  • View email pricing
  • Everything in "Growth"
  • Capture campaign whitelabeling
  • Advanced capture campaign settings
  • Email campaign whitelabeling
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  • Custom roles & permissions
  • Bulk email flat rates
  • Agency rates
  • Custom campaign design & customization

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