Don't let Mailchimp hold you back

Your email service provider shouldn’t keep you from owning your data. With Hive’s integrations, dedicated support team, and built-in event features you can do so much more.

The Mailchimp alternative you've been looking for

If your marketing team is struggling to launch new campaigns and are left in the dark when it comes to revenue attribution metrics - it’s time to make the switch to Hive.

Integrations only available with Hive

Unparalleled integrations with top ticketing platforms like AXS, See Tickets, DICE, and Etix automatically sync your event data into Hive. From past ticket purchases to sales per venue or artist, it's easy to action your data in Hive.

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Real customer support you won't find with Mailchimp

Expert Support

Get all the help you need to grow your business, with a customer support team that cares about helping you achieve your marketing goals. With Hive's live chat and email support, you'll never be left on read.

Seamless Onboarding

We integrate with Mailchimp so your migration process is quick and straightforward. Transfer your contact lists, segments, tags, and templates directly into Hive without the hassle of manual imports.

Customer Spotlight

ASM Richmond made the switch from Mailchimp and generated over $500,000 with Hive

Hive’s integration with Etix opened a lot of doors for the marketing team at ASM Global - a venue management powerhouse in the world of live entertainment. Brittany Griffith shares her experience, "Hive gives us segmentation and automation power like never before."

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We're the #1 Email Marketing Platform for Event Marketers

Event marketing and Hive go hand in hand. With built-in features to support your ticketing data, you can access tools to help boost attendance, sell more tickets and engage your fans.
Event Marketing Features
Ticketing Integrations
Event Data Filters
Event Revenue Attribution
Drag & Drop Event Blocks
Dedicated Event Page
Built-in Contests
Pre/Post Show Automations
(email and SMS)
One-click Pre-show Email Campaigns