SMS & MMS Marketing

Hive SMS lets you fully leverage your CRM data to send targeted media rich text messages with easy set up and consent management. Having your email, CRM and SMS all in one place keeps you organized and helps you more effectively market to your customers.

Everything you need to engage your customers, and more.

Hive makes email and SMS marketing easier with features built to maximize your opens and clicks. From automations optimized for customer engagement to thousands of CRM filters that action your data, start driving meaningful growth.

Pre-Built SMS Workflows
Inbound SMS Triggers
100% TCPA Compliance
SMS List Building Tools
SMS Revenue Attribution
Seamless CRM Syncing

Automated SMS Builder

Hive's SMS builder lets you choose from any upcoming event to automatically populate a text message. With the event image and details syncing in with two clicks, sending targeted SMS and MMS messages is a breeze.

Personalized omnichannel marketing

By letting you send email and SMS messages, Hive helps you cater to your customers needs and reach them in the way that works best for them. Let subscribers choose whether they want to receive emails, texts, or both. Send lightweight automated SMS for communication you don’t need a whole email for (e.g. abandoned cart reminders).

Inbound SMS automations

Easily collect SMS opt-in and grow your list by asking customers to text your dedicated phone number. Plus, trigger automated SMS replies to customers' inbound text messages to your brand.

Simple and transparent pricing

Hive bills for SMS monthly at the same time as your regular email plan. Easily report on your expenses to accounting, and avoid the stress of worrying about your credits running out and your automations failing to send.

Pre-built SMS automations

Send SMS messages to thank new customers or recover abandoned carts, all with a few clicks! Hive's pre-built SMS automations take care of the logic for you, so you don't have to worry about complicated set up.