deliverability on hive

From engagement levels to custom domain warmup, Hive thinks about email deliverability for you. Built-in deliverability features help maintain best practices behind the scenes, guaranteeing better inbox placement so you can focus your efforts on an email strategy that grows your business.

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Automated Deliverability Features

No one wants their emails hitting spam, especially with all the effort you put in to designing templates and segmenting campaigns. That's why Hive has automated deliverability optimization built in to the product.

Automated Email
List Validation

Your lists are automatically validated upon import, flagging invalid or high-risk emails to protect your deliverability.


Hive monitors your custom subdomain health to ensure your sender reputation stays isolated from your root domain.

Automated Engagement Levels

Engagement segments update in real-time based on subscriber interactions with your emails, maintaining your list hygiene.

Campaign-Level Deliverability Optimization

Helping you maintain deliverability best practices behind the scenes. building your sender reputation and managing your relationship with ISPs to keep your emails landing in inboxes.

Smart Sending

Hive's Smart Sending works behind the scenes to ensure your email campaigns are sent to optimize for the best deliverability and engagement.

Campaign Deliverability Rating

Hive’s pre-send deliverability score shows the probability of your email hitting spam, and suggests edits to improve your campaign's inbox placement.

Custom IP/Domain Warmup

With Hive’s automated warmup, you automatically ramp into new subdomains without facing a restraint on email send volume, building your sender reputation.