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Deliverability on Hive

From engagement levels to custom domain warm up, Hive thinks about email deliverability for you. So you can focus on honing in on an email strategy that grows your business long term.


Hive cares about your long-term deliverability

What’s an email marketing strategy that doesn’t consider deliverability? Our team cares about your emails hitting inboxes. That’s why with Hive, not only do you get built-in features that inform your email strategy for better deliverability, you also get a team of email experts that can provide strategic advice anytime.

Features that think about email deliverability for you

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Engagement Levels

Hive automatically buckets your contacts into engagement levels: actives, new subscribers, at-risk, inactives, and invalids, making it easier for you to send core campaigns to your active subscribers and strategically email subscribers with other levels of engagement.  

Engagement levels update in real-time based on how subscribers interact with your emails, which makes managing your email list hygiene a breeze.

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Custom Subdomains

Hive makes it easy for you to set up subdomains, helping you isolate your sender reputation and deliverability from your root domain. This is especially important if your brand sends a high volume of marketing and transactional emails.

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IP/Domain Warmup

With Hive’s automated IP and domain warmup, you can ramp into new subdomains without facing a restraint on your email send volume. This helps you build a strong sender reputation from the get-go, while saving you the hassle of having to send emails from multiple ESPs.

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Deliverability Rating

Hive’s deliverability rating helps you send better emails that reach customer inboxes. Your score determines the probability of your email hitting spam, and includes suggestions for ways to improve the deliverability of your email campaign.

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Email List Validation

Upon import, Hive validates your lists to ensure you’re not importing invalid or high-risk emails. This helps mitigate the risk of tanking your deliverability from sending to bad recipients while upholding your list hygiene.

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Your Extended Team

Our team cares about helping you achieve deliverability long term. We’ll be there along the way to help you build an email strategy that ensures great deliverability.

Chat with a deliverability specialist today

Deliverability is different for everyone, with a lot hinging on the past email strategies and sending behavior unique to your business. We’re happy to discuss your pain points and create a customized plan on how Hive can help!

Hive's ultimate guide to email marketing

Ultimate Guide to Email Deliverability

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