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Hive for Media Companies

Hive gives you everything you need to send targeted email newsletters, nurture your subscribers with automations, and increase pageviews.

Hive email marketing crm on a laptop showing email being scheduled in a media office
"With Hive, we have everything we need to manage email marketing and data collection across all our brands. It's helped us promote ComplexCon and sell out merch with hyper-targeted emails." 
Frank Spada
Director of Paid Media, Social and Digital Strategy, Complex

Organize your list, without the headaches

Reinvent your email list with Hive's live segments based on relevant subscriber data: demographics, location, and pageviews.

Illustration of email segments for targeted email strategies
Illustration of sending an email campaign with Hive's open rate estimator

Send campaigns worth opening

Use Hive to target email campaigns and get insight into predicted subscriber engagement, before your email is sent.


Build a communications strategy

Customize Hive's high impact default email journeys proven to increase deliverability and re-engage subscribers.

Hive's email automations for a winback campaign

Powering email marketing for media companies that want to do more.

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