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With Hive's WooCommerce integration, dig deeper into who your customers are and send hyper-targeted email and SMS campaigns that help you sell more.

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Real-time customer insights to boost sales

Hive's one-click WooCommerce integration imports your data into Hive, so you don't have to stress over tedious CSV imports. The integration imports customers into Hive as contacts and automatically matches customers to existing contacts in Hive. With this integration, you can track and segment customers by browsing behavior and purchase history, create email and SMS automations (abandoned cart, browse abandonment, etc), dynamically insert products and discounts into email/SMS templates, and engage your customers better through their buying journey.

“Hive's automated engagement levels make so much sense. Our data is finally organized so we can use it to actually target people better.”

Sarah Pepper, Marketing Manager @Neumos

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