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Hive vs. Klaviyo
for Ecommerce

To create an email strategy that drives more revenue, you need a product that helps you use the data you own and understand the customer journeys you build. With Hive, you get the advanced capabilities of Klaviyo without the headaches.

hive vs. klaviyo for ecommerce

Klaviyo lets you send emails and build automations. Hive helps you understand what will drive engagement and revenue tomorrow, with features made for marketers by marketers.

Klaviyo was built for developers by developers and Hive was built for marketers by marketers. If you don’t mind writing code or paying an agency every time you want to adjust your email strategy, Klaviyo may be for you. If you care about gaining visibility into how subscribers are engaging with your business and where they are in the customer journey, and flexibility with a platform that lets you easily optimize your email strategy to engage customers in a way that converts, Hive is for you.

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Powerful engagement segments

Hive's automated engagement levels give you a live view of your list performance. How much of your list is actively engaging with your emails? How many subscribers are at-risk of dropping off forever? Now you’ll know, and more importantly, you’ll be able to use this knowledge to send better email.
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Segmentation that speaks for itself

Hive's endless segmentation possibilities are easy to set up for the everyday marketer - no code necessary. From advanced targeting like website browsing behaviour, customer value, link clicks within a specific email, you’re able to nail personalization so you can send emails your customers actually want. View your list holistically while being able to drill down into the segments that matter to your business.
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Automations that don’t need dev-level skills to setup

With Hive, you can build the automations available on Klaviyo without needing to hire an agency or developer. More than just abandoned cart and browse abandonment automations, easily set up triggers and conditions based on cart value, purchase history, and much more. Hive’s reporting makes it simple to test automated email series, so you can optimize for what generates the most revenue.
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Built to establish long-term deliverability

From list management to automated IP/domain warmup, Hive is built to help you achieve healthy deliverability in the long run. Learn more about email deliverability on Hive here.
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One click integration with Shopify

No code required to track custom user properties, segment on hundreds of attributes, trigger ecommerce automations off of custom web events, and more. Just connect Shopify to Hive - with one click.
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No hidden costs, truly

Only pay for valid, subscribed customers on Hive. We care that you get the most out of your email CRM, which means not paying for customers you never email. Hive helps you improve the quality of your list, so you can pay less for better results.

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More than just sending email

We care about helping you build an email strategy that’s good for your business, and for your brand. It’s not just about sending emails that make you money. Hive empowers you to turn email into a core driver of revenue, through experiences that let you fully connect with your customers on their terms.