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CRM & Data Management

Get an email marketing platform more powerful than the rest. With CRM functionality built in with Hive, action your subscriber data to send email campaigns optimized for engagement.

Laptop in an ecommerce store displaying notifications for customers receiving abandoned cart emails and purchases

An Email Marketing Platform and CRM All in One

With all your data in one place, you can power email campaigns and automations based on customer characteristics that matter. That means more targeted sends at the most relevant times, so you can build relationships that keep subscribers coming back.

Get full transparency into your list

With Hive's CRM, you gain a holistic view of your list without the extra cost of duplicates, invalids, or unsubscribed email addresses. It’s easy to organize, segment and leverage your customer data when it’s all in one place.

Hive's contact list product feature
Hive feature that buckets customers based on engagement level for email campaigns

Engage your most active customers

Hive automatically buckets contacts into engagement levels for you, so it's easy to send core campaigns to your most active subscribers and strategically email those who've dropped off in engagement. Engagement levels update in real time off your master list, making managing your email list a breeze.
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No unfair, extra costs

While ESPs like Mailchimp charge for unsubscribed contacts, Hive only charges for subscribers with no hidden fees ever. You can even have subscribers in multiple segments with no extra charge! We encourage maintaining proper list hygiene, so you never pay for unsubscribed, invalid, or duplicate contacts.
Hive's segments product screenshot
Hive Flexible data management and reporting product screenshot

Flexible data management and reporting

There’s never been an easier way to manage your lists than with Hive’s segments. You can filter your entire contact list with over 100 different parameters making it easy to add contacts to a segment, unsubscribe them in bulk or email them directly. Hive has flexible data models to store the data you need and updates automatically, so you always have insight into your overall list health.
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Segments for all your needs

Create static and live segments based on your brand's needs. A static segment is manually updated and captures the customers that match your current filters while live segments automatically updates with subscribers entering or exiting your filters. Use your Hive segment data to send targeted ads to the customers that match segment filters.

Hive's create segment product screenshot

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