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We make email marketing easier with features built to maximize your opens and clicks. From advanced segmentation and easy automation workflows, to built-in deliverability features that optimize your inbox placement, it’s easy to power strong email marketing with Hive.
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Get the advanced capabilities of Klaviyo with the ease of Mailchimp

Send personalized emails that land in inboxes, then get real-time performance feedback. Hive puts your data to work with live segmentation so you can easily target campaigns, and keeps customer insights front and center. Simple to use but packed with advanced features, spend less time stressing and more time selling.

Hive as a CRM

Managing your email list and leveraging your customer data is a breeze with Hive's CRM. Your data's all in one place so you can power email campaigns with customer characteristics that matter. You have full transparency into your list and a holistic view without the extra cost of duplicates, invalids, or unsubscribed email addresses.
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Easily integrate your data, then let us do the heavy lifting for you. Hive’s segments give you the power of a CRM within an email marketing platform. Get full picture customer insights, then use live segments to build targeted campaigns that drive revenue.
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Automations are effortless with Hive’s pre-built journeys. Plus, trigger automated emails based on any customer behaviour, whether that's browse abandonment or a newsletter signup in a few easy steps. With Hive, you sell more by getting your emails to the right customers at exactly the right time, and build relationships that keep customers coming back.
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Conditional Splits

Level up your email automations with conditional splits. Segment your automated campaigns further by setting different conditions for different flows, then send tailored emails to drive higher conversion, all while keeping your subscribers engaged.
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Customer insights, front and center. While some ESPs bury this information, you get easy access to subscriber engagement and revenue statistics right in your Hive dashboard. Leverage customer data to perfect your segmentation strategy, and easily see how much revenue your campaigns are really bringing in.
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Hive's best in class customer service for email marketing

Your team of email marketing experts

You'll get your own dedicated Hive account manager who cares about the relationships you build with customers. Not sure what makes a good email newsletter? We've got you. Want help with your email marketing strategy? Get advice you'd otherwise have to pay an agency for, all included because we care about growing your business.
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Hive thinks about email deliverability for you

So you can spend less time worrying about emails landing in inboxes, and more time creating customer experiences that sell more. From custom domain warmup that keeps your sender reputation healthy from the get-go, to engagement levels that let you easily churn your list, Hive is built to help you achieve long-term deliverability.


Everything you need, in one place

Hive email marketing team competitive compensation

Template Editor

Easily design beautiful, responsive emails with the drag & drop editor.

Hive email marketing team benefits

Recommended Products

Target better and sell more with smart recommended product blocks.

Hive email marketing team unlimited vacation


Merge in customer data to give your emails that personal touch.

Hive email marketing equity

Dynamic Segments

Segment based on live customer behavior, so you’re always up-to-date.

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Revenue Reporting

Know exactly how much revenue your email campaigns are making.

Hive email marketing team flexible hours

Facebook Advertising

Target your Hive segments on multiple platforms for seamless advertising.

Hive email marketing equity

Event Block

Plug live event data right into your emails.

Hive email marketing team cool office space

Custom Signup Form

Grow your subscriber list with embedded signup forms.

Hive email marketing team flexible hours

Website Tracking

Track customer behaviour across channels.

Hive a/b test email marketing feature icon

A/B Testing

Test variables that affect your email engagement.

Hive email marketing shortlink builder


URL shortener, custom links and link analytics, all in one.

hive email marketing contest for signups feature


Gain new subscribers by running contests.

Helping the world's top brands send better email.


Our powerful suite of automations help you increase revenue and better engage your customers.


Our segmentation features help you personalize your event marketing and sell more tickets.


Actionable insights help you create a newsletter strategy that keeps subscribers wanting more.

Send smarter email.

It’s easy to target your most relevant customers with each campaign. You can segment by engagement, location, demographics, purchase history, and browsing behavior. Hive helps you become the brand that sends emails your customers care about.

Your extended marketing team.

You'll get your own dedicated account manager who cares about the relationships you build with customers. Want help fine-tuning your email journeys or improving segmentation? You’ve got it.

Automation without the guesswork.

With simple set-up for abandoned cart, browse abandonment, and winback email journeys, Hive configures the basics for you. If you need a little something extra, you can set custom parameters.

Segmentation made simple.

Gain insight on buying patterns, purchase frequency, and the attributes of your highest spenders. When you can predict customer behavior, creating an engaging email strategy is that much easier.

Our industry specific features

Hive's events specific email marketing featuresHive's ecommerce specific email marketing features

How we stack up

Hive vs. Mailchimp

When you want to level up your ecommerce email marketing, you need flexibility and customization to drive more revenue. With Hive, you get the simplicity of Mailchimp with the functionality of a more advanced CRM.

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Hive vs. Klaviyo

To create an email strategy that drives more revenue, you need a product that helps you use the data you own and understand the customer journeys you build. With Hive, you get the advanced capabilities of Klaviyo without the headaches.

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Integrations You Care About

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