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Hive for Ecommerce Stores

Hive gives you everything you need to understand your customers, send personalized email campaigns and automations, and grow your business.

Laptop in an ecommerce store displaying notifications for customers receiving abandoned cart emails and purchases

Organize your list, without the headaches

Reinvent your email list with Hive's live segments based on demographics, location, onsite behavior and purchase history.

Illustration of email segments for targeted email strategies
Illustration of sending an email campaign with Hive's open rate estimator

Send campaigns worth opening

Use Hive to target email campaigns and get insight into predicted customer engagement, before your email is sent.


Communicate at the right time

Customize Hive's default email journeys, made with best practices in mind. No need to guess what will work.

Illustration of Hive.co email marketing automations
Hive's Shopify integration to send smarter ecommerce email campaigns and sell more stuff

All of your data in one place

Connect Shopify to Hive in one click to sync all customer data and power ecommerce automations.


Powering email marketing for ecommerce brands that want to do more.

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