2018 Ultimate Ticket Giveaway by 6AM & DownBEats
Contest ended 6 months, 3 weeks ago
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On Christmas Day we will be selecting one winner and gifting them the 6AM & DownBeats Ultimate Ticket Giveaway prize! Entering is simple and so is the concept: the winner will receive one ticket of choice per month in 2018 for any electronic music event in the world worth up to $40USD, ticket fees included.

Full Terms & Conditions:

1) Must be 21+ to enter contest

2) One event of choice per calendar month anywhere in the world ($40USD per event max)

3) Winner may exchange 3 monthly event tickets for 1 festival ticket worth up to $120USD max (this can be a single-day festival ticket and/or ticket for the entire festival)

4) Winner must submit the event he/she wish to attend. Approval of each event is at the discretion of 6AM Group.

5) Tickets are NON-transferrable as it will be purchased under the winner's name

6) 6AM and DownBeats are not liable for anything that occurs following the purchase of the event, it is merely a gift and once gifted the responsibility is solely on the winner of the giveaway.

6) The events are valid for the 2018 calendar year only

Sorry, the contest has ended!
Terms & Conditions
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