3 Must Have Email Templates To Drive Higher Sales This BFCM
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3 Must Have Email Templates To Drive Higher Sales This BFCM

BFCM weekend makes up 20% of annual retail sales. Use the email designs in this blog to drive conversions and increase revenue this BFCM weekend. Let's dive in!

Anima Hossain

November 19, 2021

November 19, 2021
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The leaves are changing color, and the air is getting crisper which could only mean one thing. BFCM is just around the corner. Take the time now to revamp your email design to make sure you're prepared for the busiest sales weekend of the year. Last year’s Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales weekend brought in $51 billion in sales, and it’s projected to just go up in 2021. With email being the highest driver of engagement and revenue (with every $1 spent on email, you get a $38 ROI), make sure your email campaigns are optimized to take advantage of this holiday season.

BFCM email templates

A customer opening your email is only half the battle -you need an email template that continues to engage them, and leads to a sale. It’s important you follow a few key best practices for your BFCM email campaigns. Make sure you’re using clear CTAs, targeting emails based on previous purchase behavior and engagement levels, and automating emails triggered by customer actions. Let’s get designing!

Lou & Grey

Lou & Grey immediately captures the reader’s attention with a bright countdown clock GIF. This email design is clear, simple, and gets straight to the point. They’re creating FOMO with the first line in the email and there’s a clear CTA to find a store so customers can take advantage of this great sale.


Inch2's header image and clear messaging immediately grabs their customer’s attention. They have a clear CTA that re-directs customers straight to their store and includes some of their best selling products


STORQ immediately engages customers with their free gift with purchase over $75. Who doesn't love a free gift right? This is a great way tc increase average order value and get customers to spend more for BFCM. The design of the email is simple and gets straight to the point making it easier than ever for customers to purchase from their store and get the free gift!

Wrap up

BFCM is one of the last opportunities before the end of the year to meet your annual sales goals. Take full advantage of this weekend using these email templates above to drive purchases. Make sure to engage customers using targeted campaigns, GIFs and emojis, and create a sense of urgency so customers don’t miss out on great sales.