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The Smart Email Platform

See how thousands of companies are using Hive to build their brand.

Smarter Contacts

Your customers are more than just a name and email. Add social, purchasing, and behavioral data to the mix.

  • Unify data sources
    Connect stores, CRMs and other data sets to get the full picture.
  • Social data enrichment
    Automatically see what your audience is interested in, what they post online, and more.
  • Custom tags
    Organize your audience into meaningful groups with tags.
  • Advanced filtering
    Filter your contacts based on social actions, age, location, or hundreds of other characteristics.

You'll be in great company

Beautiful, Timely Emails

Create delightful email campaigns and send them to the right people.

  • Simple email editor
    Easy to use WYSIWYG template creator.
  • Automated Email Journeys
    Send a series of emails based on a newsletter signup, purchase, or social action.
  • Powerful reporting
    The data you need to run tests and continue to send better emails.

Simple Email Collection

Email capture campaigns that are easy to setup, and even easier to enter.

Plans & Pricing

Free 10 day trial. No credit card required!

  • For small businesses ready to send better email
  • Send unlimited email to 10,000 contacts
  • Extra horsepower for sophisticated teams
  • Send unlimited email to 75,000 contacts
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